About Us

About Labor Cost Advisors

At Labor Cost Advisors, we’re here to help. We offer consulting services aimed at reducing your cost and risk while increasing your business profits.

How we do it

We have years of experience overseeing HR departments, employee benefits, payroll management and so much more. We put that experience to work for you to help you find the right solution for your company. We also draw on a large network of partners who provide various solutions to make sure you find the right match for your company and goals should you choose to outsource any of your needs.

Who we help

We work with companies of all sizes and types. We specialize in mid-sized companies looking to drastically improve their labor management and cost.

Meet the Owner

Professional executive with over 26 successful years of sales experience in Insurance and Human Resource Outsourcing and 18 successful years of PEO & ASO business development and sales management.

It’s not about me or my products and services but about meeting my customers’ needs and adding value, answering questions, or solving problems.

My business philosophy is based around long-term relationships with my clients with whom I strive to engage, listen to and serve. I am a resource and advocate for my client’s success and provide answers in an ever-changing business climate specific to their needs in managing employee-centric solutions.

The reality is, until a client feels that I care more about meeting his or her needs rather than mine, I have not succeeded. It’s only when we’ve achieved that understanding that I become a trusted advisor and an true advocate for your business.

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